Creativity Silver and Gold Craft Celuk Jewelery Festival 2017


The local village will hold “Celuk Jewelery Festival 2017” to boost promotion and improve marketing of silver and gold handicrafts, , from 13 to 15 October 2017.

According to the Committee Chairman Celuk Jewelery Festival (CJF) 2017 Ketut Widi Putra this activity is the second time. This festival is expected to be carried out continuously as an effort to promote and improve the marketing of household-scale production that most of the local people.

The festival is entitled “Mustika Nusantara Masterpiece” involving 68 participants consisting of 24 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) engaged in jewelry, as many as 24 culinary stalls and 20 exhibitors of various products.

The Event

Celuk Jewelery Festival 2017 is expected to become the premiere and sale of the work and creativity of the Celuk Village community in the form of art, silver, culinary, and fashion.

All the activities are packaged in an exciting series of events including jewellery expo exhibitions, various product exhibitions, competitions, seminars, workshops, cultural art performances, craft-making classes, fashion shows, and music.

Special fashion show that is expected to attract the attention of the community, including foreign tourists who are enjoying a holiday in the Island of God designed Tjok Abi and Sintha Chrisna Boutique which collaborated with a collection of accessories from silver jewelry artists Celuk Village residents.

Entrepreneurial seminar with speakers of Apindo Bali Chairman Panudiana Khun, founder of “Mangsi Coffee” Windu Segara Senate, tourism practitioner Cokorde Gede Putra Sukawati, owner Arma Ubud Museum Anak Agung Arma, and Chairman of Tri Hita Karana Gusti Ngurah Wisnu Wardhana Foundation.

Innovation Potential of Regent Gianyar Anak Agung Gede Bharata give appreciation and support the implementation of “Celuk Jewelery Festival” initiated by local community as an effort to preserve the art of culture and innovate to the potential of the area that has been known by the international community.

Through the festival activities at the village level is expected to preserve the arts and culture, ranging from dance to other potential that can raise the level of better welfare of the community.

It is important because the art and cultural performances of the region’s potential to be capital in the face of the development of the globalization era that gives human freedom to trade, including cultural transformation.

Therefore, the people of Gianyar who are known as the “art warehouse” area are able to preserve the cultural arts of the ancestral heritage so well that the arts and culture remain firm and sustainable.

The preservation of art and culture in the era of globalization faces quite a strict competition with western culture that requires a “filterisasi” one of them by organizing festivals in the local area.

To that end, the Gianyar Regency Government is very supportive and encourage that cultural preservation can run continuously so that art and culture remain sustainable.

Cultural preservation according to Bupati Agung Bharata lies in the ability of the young generation. Therefore, the spirit of the young generation should be appreciated, one of them with the implementation of “Celuk Jewelery Festival”.

The event was also part of Bali tourism promotion. The village Celuk (Gianyar) has been famous since the past with gold and silver handicrafts. Until now still exist.

The HAKI Regent of the Regent of Anak Agung Gede Bharata also encourages gold and silver artisans in Celuk Village to register intellectual property rights of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in an effort to protect the local village craft.

It is considered very important and urgent because of the silver and golden handicrafts of Celuk Village, Gianya Regency became an icon that has been known to the international community.

Patents owned by Celuk Village craftsmen are very important as an effort to anticipate the existence of plagiarism of products by others irresponsibility in the country and from other countries.

With the patent, it has the force of law so that if anyone uses or manufactures the handicraft it can sue or get the result of the intellectual property.

To get the intellectual property, he said, there is a requirement in the submission. However, the district government will assist in the submission of art craft products to the institution.

This is important because in the era of globalization anything can be imitated similar to the original. Therefore, the steps in preserving and securing the result of Celuk Village’s handicraft products that have been acknowledged in foreign countries are not threatened, it is necessary to register HAKI.

Registration to obtain intellectual property rights is very important in protecting handicrafts by the skilled hands of Celuk Village residents, said the Regent Agung Bharata.

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